Small Business Services

Accounting is a need that we all have, but often don’t prioritize. Kensington Accounting recognizes that starting a business can be time consuming and expensive, and is available to provide your bookkeeping and budgeting needs at the fraction of the cost of an in-house accountant. With deep knowledge and passion of the complex Federal, Pennsylvania State, and Philadelphia Local tax laws, Kensington Accounting brings value to all.

Tax filings for small businesses starts at $400

Year End Bookkeeping, Budgeting and Financial Statement Preparation is billed hourly at $50/hr (bookkeeping minimum of 10 hours)

Monthly Bookkeeping, Budgeting and Financial Statement Preparation and Review is billed starting at $200/moth (for 6 hours. $50/hour for any additional time spent)

*year end bookkeeping is billed at a minimum of 10 hours for 12 months worth of bank statements. If your business was started mid year, a prorated minimum will be calculated.